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Have you ever had permanent makeup, microblading or eyebrow tattoo?

Please send us photos of your brows without makeup up to 404 944 3919 for approval

Please note if any of the following apply to you, you are unfortunately not a candidate for microblading or permanent makeup.

  • Under 18 years old
  • Pregnant of Nursing
  • Major health conditions (Unless you have doctor's note)

The following are prohibited for 7-10 day after your appointment: Water, Sun, Exercise, Brows makeup, Tanning Skin Treatment.

I have read, understand and agree the cancellation policies

I understand that microblading, microshading, permanent make up are completed in at least 2 sessions.

I understand that I might need more than 2 sessions and the healing is vary

  • * Please book base on your time frame from last visit (If you don’t remember when was it please text 404 944 3919 with your First Last name, phone number that you used for booking) we will check your booking history and let you know.
  • * If you book for a wrong time frame, we have right to charge you the correct one.
  • * Please book with your original Artist (we don’t touch up for other artists works as well as each other’s works).
  • * If you were with Erin, you can book with other artists.
  • * If you go longer than 24 months, please book for a new procedure with full price.

Thank you

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